A wonderful marriage ceremony between the loving souls that brought happiness to their hearts. The couple before they were married rejoiced in the coast near the shore temple of Mahabalipuram. The rocks and the sandy background gave an overall romantic feel.

The sandy coast and the shore temple as background.
The silhouette of the trees, the euphoria on the ground

As the night fell, the day before the wedding, the entire wedding party came to life. Men and women sang and danced to the tunes. They shook their legs to the beat of the music. The couple joined the extravaganza and experienced a fun-filled evening. Everyone retired to their rooms after a long spell of a fun near the beach. Olton and Kripa gazed into each other with love and we captured the candid moments.

The love, yet was love, between the two, not for few days.
The passion, yet was passion, for eons like sun rays

As the day dawned a new life was set to begin for the loving pair. The wedding stage was set in the backdrop of a life-size image of Gods and Goddesses blessing the young couple. The bride in her light pink silk saree looked gorgeous. The groom in his pattu kurta and angavastram looked homely. They exchanged garlands and were declared man and wife for the rest of their life.