My love is strong as a rock, deep as the ocean, beautiful as the waves. Precise like the sand. In the sport of life, I will dance you through your every twist and turns, hold you closer in every move, envelope you with my warmth, smile with you as you my lady love

Together on the swings, dancing and twirling under the sun With her, my fiancé, in the middle of nowhere, it is always fun We jump in joy, run around, fetch each other, to make merry We shall be happy, definitely joyful, elated indeed as we marry.

He lent his helping hands to hold on to her as she made the descend. They then proceeded for a gentle stroll along the shores where they received the kindness of the frothy waves on their feet for eternity.The shore temple as a silhouette in the background, the drizzles that started, the earthy fragrance that proceeded, everything was beyond romantic. The couple, after seeking God almighty’s blessings, settled on the banks of the temple pond and prayed to live like this, happily ever after.

Beautiful Pondi was at calling distance when the happy couple decided to spend their time for a post wedding shoot. The wonderful resort of Le Pondi with its palm-lined beach welcomed the joyous couple.

The reddish dawn of the sun slowly gobbled up the early morning dew drops. As the hornets fluttered their wings, the lush green paddy fields came to life.

A wonderful #honeymoon is a romantic date, preparing the couple for love that does not abate. The salubrious clime of the higher altitude always attracts the young couple. Pravallika and Sailesh were no exception to this rule.

Devikala & Senthilkumar On the shore, near the temple, holding your hands and exploring our world is a bliss. The waves, the caves, the sand, the grass, everything around us are going to discover what happens when love embodies the soul.

A gentle stroll down the green premise of the theme park overlooking the mighty western ghats was a pleasing experience for the benevolent couple. The handsome lad took held the hands of his beloved and promised to love her for eternity as they began their memorable trip to the park.

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