The bride in a simple primrose garland appeared suave and elegant. The smile she was wearing complimented the glow on her face. A sense of accomplishment glowed in the groom’s face as he held the bride’s hand and assured her a great life ahead. The couple in their heavily embroidered reception attire captured everyone’s thought. The “will you marry me” play was an enjoyable act the couple enacted together much to the amusement of their friends.

The couple, the love for each other was discernible in every frame. Their looks, their lovely gaze gave a discourse of a million words. They created a poetry together that was full of cheerful memories. They never forgot an instance to smile in every occasion. Such was the euphoria in their hearts and minds that they were absolutely contagious. The couple looked at ease as they began chatting casually forgetting their marriage stress for a moment. They were in their whole new world.

The floral backdrop, its slenderness, an art depicting the creativity
The peacock plumes, its artistry and the color, defines their chemistry

The day of the marriage brimmed with ceremonies that were myriad and colorful. The bride first draped herself in a moss green silk saree. The garland she adorned with roses in two colors looked graceful on her. She looked like a queen in her wedding attire. The embroidery patterns in her wedding saree matched with the jewellery she was adorning. The bee-hive pattern of her wedding saree had a surprising continuity in the mehndi design she was wearing.

The groom in his traditional attire arrived in the scene after his kasi yathrai ceremony. An amusing welcome ensued and he walked in style to the wedding stage. The bride arrived with her entourage in a traditional fervour. A sense of jubilation prevailed in the air as the groom tied the holy knot to take his beloved as his woman of life.