The lush green environment and the pleasant weather of the western ghats soothe the inner vibes. What better place to have a post-wedding outing! The distant village in the valley provided a serene setting for the couple’s romance.

As the sunlight slowly regresses and the dusk sets in, a night jeep ride in the ghats throws many surprises. Loving each other day in and day out enthralls the inner soul.

Sharing this wonderful life with you makes me joyous
Every moment with you is a chosen paradise fabulous
Sitting under the lush canopy of the ghats while the sun shines
Our love and joy is woven together like the forest and ravines

The meandering stream bringing the elixir of life from atop the cloudy mountain provided wonderful succor to the loving couple. As the colonial-era heritage train chugged into the Wellington station, the couple got down to appreciate the scenery.

The trunk of the huge tree provided a cozy cradle to the bride. As they strolled in the hills, the cultivable field resembling the steps were filled with lush greenery.