The nostalgia of a marriage stays longer in children. What a special day indeed to share happiness and spread love!

As the sun sets with an orange tinge in the horizon, a contagious joy started spreading among the august guests of the reception. In the distant skyline, multiple universes ascended to bless the lovely couple.

A million galaxies afar surrounded the galaxy of life – the glowing groom
Wearing a pristine smile on her face, the beautiful bride is a floral bloom
As she looked into the mirror, crops up her alluring beautiful shadow
With a smile on her face, the thought of her love gives a glittering glow

The sprawling Kalyana Mandapam welcomed the wedding guests. The beautifully lite-up verandah was a spectacular show of illumination. The prominent deity of Lord Vinayaga offered his blessings to the holy union. The stage decor in pastel colors were eye-catching and pompous.
The bride in her pale pink reception attire looked gorgeous. The bridegroom in his tuxedo looked stately. The happy couple adorning beautiful garlands were full of smiles as they prostrated before the august gathering.