Oh, My Krishna cutty – Mahati! Your smile fills us with joy (Anand), your cheer calms us to eternal peace, your swaying feet walk us away from all worries, and your naughty acts make us happy. In the presence of sacred fire, we bless you with all the world’s happiness and peaceful life. Happy Birthday Mahati! As the best kids and family portrait photographer in Chennai, Balajee Photography, we captured the untold stories of the homam event with our HD lens and framed into a memory for a lifetime.

The spiritual narration of how Master Zack set his foot on the world was interesting and indeed a blessing. The velveteen blue cake in royal theme seated on a satin pillow looked luxurious.Master Zack, the birthday baby, in his wonderful suit looked elegant and cute. With the blessings of the Lord, the birthday celebration was a happy occasion for everyone.

The one year old has his tryst with the lion king, the bug bunnies, the necky giraffe, the other animals of the forest created as a gorgeous theme. As the clock ticks, his friends of the forest and the concrete jungle wish him Happy Birthday.Say Hakuna Matata!

Baby Pirshanthika went around boasting about her height and the number of milk teeth she got as she celebrated her first birthday. She happily crawled her way to the stage on her myriad birthday dresses. The stage with her favorite comic characters was awaiting her arrival.The kids took part in the celebration and were happy getting their hands tattooed. The fairy in cream atop the towering birthday cake looked appealing. As the balloons burst and showered colorful blessings the celebration was at its peak with the cake cutting.

The first birthday of Baby Sri Krishna was a grand event which saw his Abdhapoorthi celebration too. The colorful balloons dangling on the wall were a source of energy to the visiting guests. The birthday baby in his dazzling red shirt adorned a beautiful red garland as he got his ears pierced.Then came the grand cake-cutting ceremony where the cutie pies present in the ceremony exuded enthusiasm. The rich and creamy black forest cake encircled by almonds was a rich treat. The guests and the kiddos wore the birthday hat and rejoiced in the celebration.

The little butterfly took wings and it is a year. The vivid kolams and the arch made of colourful balloons welcomed the guests with open arms. It was Manasa’s first Birth Day and Abdhapoorthi. She along with her sister graced the festivity with charm.The Ayush Homam function solicited long life and blessings of goodwill from elders. The ceremonies associated with Ayush Homam and Abdhapoorthi proceeded with religious fervour. The wishes of everyone present at the grand amalgam of festivals filled the hall.

The divinity of babyhood and the gestures of the toddler captured with meticulous interest. The emotions of the father, his fatherhood brimming with happiness captured in candidly.The celebration was graced by Bala Krishna, and his funny mischief. The elephant and few jungle characters embraced the birthday cake and little Sai Sabari celebrated his first birthday with zeal.

The beautiful birthday decor took us to a traditional and joyful Tamil village. Yogan the birthday boy and his brother in their vivid silk shirt and veshti looked cute and warm. When the children entered the amazingly crafted mud house and stood near the thinnai, the brotherly affection was all evident.
As the dignified guests held on to the peacock’s plume, the colorful birthday celebration commenced with grandeur.

The princess had her first birthday and the theme was the land of a beautiful castle. The overwhelmingly pink setting interspersed with attractive blue and yellow props ensured a colorful glitzy celebration. The light-up lawn was lively with the celebrations in full swing. The assembly of yummy cupcakes stole the children’s heart.Sephora looked like a little angel in her flowing yellow gown with light pink floral works. The towering cake with a beautiful glass ball holding a doll of the princess inside was fabulous. The cake cutting was followed by an evening filled with fun and enjoyment.

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