The desire to show the grownup child how the mother carried, caressed and cared for him/her is a novel attempt. An extraordinary emotion the mother wanted to capture through the lenses and make the memories live forever is indeed lovely. The expressions of an expecting pregnant mother, her happy state-of-mind was captured flawlessly in this pregnancy portrait.

The happy father, his loving tenderness and his caring attitude also got captured in this unforgettable pregnancy portrait. The waves in the distant, their lashing rhythm and the gentle morning breeze provided us a perfect setting to capture the memories.

A radiant glow in my eyes, a remarkable feeling, kicking and vivacious
A blessed excitement, I am over the moon, a bundle of joy, how precious

On the sandy coast, the couple took a gentle stroll and we rolled our camera with zeal. The tiny toddler shoes they had in their hand gave them an exemplary euphoria. As the sun fell and took refuge in the horizon of the vast blue ocean, the couple retired below a solitary tree and shared some thoughts about their yet-to-be-born son.