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My name is Bhalaje,
Iโ€™m a photographer.

โ€œThe essence of authentic photography lies in bringing out the very soul of the moment or the emotion captured.โ€

Bearing the fruit of finest wedding photography, the seed of Bhalaje photography was sown before two decades. With an exceptional experience to handle multiple events in a single day, I have grown into a full-fledged wedding photographer with an eye for detailing and zest for capturing the soul moment. Every event/wedding is a new journey for me and my team to explore the angles of creativity and to bring out innovative clicks. We recreate their blissful memories captured through our lenses and deliver it via alluring albums and vivid videography.

It is never just a client-vendor relationship but an everlasting friendship that allows me and my team to be a part and parcel of their life, which has offered me an opportunity to cover the second generation of their families as well. The relationship that I have built-in these 26 years of my career is what I cherish the most. I take a personalized interest in my clientโ€™s events, ensuring to deliver them a visual treat that makes them re-live their cherished moments.

Apart from Weddings and other events, we have an extended clientele list in the Corporate sector. With no less enthusiasm, my team and I have collaborated with corporates in product photography, recording corporate events and many more. Action dance photography is another genre that we excel in. I have had the opportunity to capture numerous dance events of many dance schools in Chennai and Dubai.

Check out our 20th Anniversary celebrations and get to know us a bit more!

S Gurumoorthy (RSS) Family
HCL Shiv Nadar Family
Mrs. Sudha Raghunathan (Carnatic Singer) Family
Mrs. Sudha Rani Raghupathi (Bharatanatyam Dancer) Family
Mr. SVRM Abirami Ramanathan Family
Sangam Theater Family
Orchid Chemical Raghavendra Rao Family
Americai Narayanan (Congress) Family
Raj Tv Family
Vivek Jazz Cinemas Family
Venkataraghavan Cricketer Family
R. Subramaniam Family
Arusavi Natarajan Family
Dr. Lakshmi Vijayakumar Family
Yesesi Supermarket Family
Ponnu Supermarket Family
Ms. Sheela Rani Chunkath (IAS) & Mr. Mohan Varghese Chunkath (IAS) Family
Ms. Apoorva (IAS) Family
Mr. Pandian (IAS) Family
Mr. Ravi (IAS) Family
Mr. JCD. Prabhakaran (MLA AIADMK) Family
Mr. Baskar (IPS) Family
Mr. Balakrishnan (IPS) Family
Tirupathi Bhimas Hotels Family
Hotel Vasantha Bhavan Family
Taj Mahal Group of Restaurants UAE Mr. P. Venkatesh Family
ST Courier Family
Florence Shoe Company Mr. Sannan Family
St. Johnโ€™s School Mandavelipakkam Family
Commercial Clientele
Indian Air Force Tambaram Air Show At Marina Beach 2003 & 2007
Department of Higher Education, Government of Tamilnadu
Saveetha University
Maharishi School of Excellence
Apollo Hospitals
Global Hospital Chennai
Aban Offshore Ltd
Mcvities UK
Vector Projects India Pvt Ltd
Karadi Tales
Multivista Global Pvt ltd
Jazz cinemas Pvt ltd
Abirami Mega Mall
Rotary Dist. 3230
Inner Wheel Dist. 3230
R.Subramaniam& Co
V.D. Swamy& Co
Sundar Srini & Sridhar Audit Firm
P. Chandrasekar Associates
R. Ravichandran And Co
ASA & Associates LLP Chartered Accountants
Maconochie & Co
Standard Chartered Bank
Sheenlac Paints Ltd
Commercial Clientele-2
Apollo Paints Ltd
Asian Sealing Products
Good Life Industries
Mahindra Holdings Mumbai
Shree Bharathalaya Dance School
Silambam Dance School
Om Nrithyakshethra Dance School
VDS Arts Academy
Infotree Solutions
Arusuvai Arasu
Indo American Chamber of Commerce
Kasim Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd, Madurai
Rane (Madras) Limited
Neeva Aero Solutions A.P
Midas Safety Pvt. Ltd.
Besmak Components Pvt ltd
Brilliant Tutorials
Akshar Arbol International School
Kids Central School
Seed Play School
Alpha to Omega School
Sivaswami Kalalaya School
MRC Nagar Residents Association
VNR Homes
Mekaster Engineering Ltd
NPT Offset Press Pvt Ltd

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