As Noor-e-Nazakat, Rakshana was eagerly waiting for Badshah-e-Zaki, Raghid (walking towards her), the moonlight escaped from the windows and glowed on the couple, marking the celebration of Shan-e-jashan. With a roller coaster of emotions and blessings of Allah, the witty Raghid welcomed the beautiful Rakshana, decked in a pink lehenga and artistic jewelry, to his life. As a creative Nikaah photographer in Chennai, we clubbed interview-style introduction, the grand welcome of bride and groom, traditional wedding games, and reception taking utmost care of the traditions.

Feeling the joy sprouting from his heart, Moses dresses his soul with a new zing of love. At the same time, excitement seeped into Shamla’s heart and tickled the feeling of togetherness until a smile spread on her face.

Finding a good spouse is obtaining a great favor from the Lord! The immaculately groomed couple enter the decorated church to be pronounced man and wife.

The bulb-like glass danglers and the green bottles, both with their floral inner were a wonderful welcome decor. The reception function of the evening was a regal affair that brought happiness to the two souls awaiting their holy union.

The reception function helped showcase the glittering wedding rings. They awaited an exchange and be worn by the loving couple. The medieval church decorated in pure white was inviting the couple with its charm.

The occasion where they resolve to live together as per God’s wish, share their love for each other, share their concerns for each other and be for each other in times of joy and in times of need.

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