Waiting for the perfect moment of love, Kashyap, found Lavanya – a girl full of life, he was falling in love and Lavanya was ready to catch him forever. As they both announce their commitment, happiness starts spreading through the entire family and soon reached Abhirami Chidambaram Hall. Traditional songs, blessings of family, and the gift of love were waiting for the couple as they enjoy the rain and fill their life with bliss. As the couple, Lavanya & Kashyap, were enjoying the celebrations, Bhalaje Photography, framed their picture-perfect into a deep-rooted story.

As he held her hands, the handsome groom’s senses reeled.His magic touch, a sense of desire, two hearts as one weaved.The pleasures of romance, with no one but her, he needs no choice.His tender love, let him stay in bliss, hearing her whispering voice

It was the couple’s engagement and celebration, halfway to their wonderful marriage. As the elders exchanged the Thamboolam, the two hearts made a consummate promise of fulfilling each other’s needs. When the couple exchanged the bouquet, happiness knew no bounds.

Shiny yellow rays, oozing from the windows, spread the warmth of love and radiance on the bride, Harini, signifying the bright life ahead with Balaji. Brushing her shoulder, Balaji basked in her eyes while the bride’s gentle smile and tender breath awakened the deep emotion of togetherness.

The vividly lighted up wedding hall came to life as the young couple ascended the heavily decorated stage. The dangling parakeet dolls at the end of the floral décors made of carefully woven magnolia flowers were colorful and indeed a feast to eyes.

The journey of two best friends continuing for life as husband and wife is the best thing that can happen. The arrival of the guests marked the beginning of the engagement function of the admired couple. As Vathiyar recited the engagement details and the date of the marriage of the bride to the groom, a bloom of happiness spread on the face of the happy couple.

Expectations can set off happiness. A #Wedding in the offing brings immense joy to the two lovely hearts that are destined to join. All were welcome to the betrothal of Anand and Shravanya.

The engagement of the loving couple was a celebration to their near and dear. It was a grand felicitation where two hearts joined to commence a new life. The bridegroom in his gold-embroidered kurta looked visibly happy when he was welcomed with joy.

The grand engagement function commenced with a classical dance from the bride. The lush green lawn, the breeze of the majestic coconut palm, the expansive vast ocean, and the pleasant weather they spawn provided a salubrious setting.

The boy had an elephantine love for the girl and they decided to get married. The elephant in the engagement function symbolized the magnitude of his love.

The towering marriage hall came to life after the gorgeous bride got down from her chariot and stepped inside the auspicious place. The traditional welcome she was provided certainly had her smiling.

The brightness of the traditional lamp and its radiance emanating far and wide. The engagement of Pradhyumna with Priya commenced and proceeded with a traditional fervor. The glow and joy on the groom’s face was a cynosure of all eyes.

It was definitely not another engagement. It was an engagement that filled with jubilant mood and delightful instants. The exuberant couple were indeed a focal point.

The unique and vivid décor was welcoming and was indeed a feast to the eyes. The bride in her dark purple saree with simple yet rich zari looked stunning in her glistening jewelry. With her innate mehndi matching with the ornateness of the zari on her ethnic saree, she posed with the smart-looking groom with glee in her eyes.

A narrative that is colorful in occurrence and wonderful to the marrying hearts, a tale that shall be remembered for life. The engagement function of Jai and Vidhu was a magnificent engagement function that displayed the union of two souls.

The divine trident witnessed the august guests bringing in the engagement seer to the sanctum. The blessings of the eternal power echoed in music of the temple bell.

The big fat Tamil engagement started with a round of Vanakkam to the august guests. The immediate blood relatives were very welcoming and their bonhomie could be felt by everyone.

The beautiful decorations welcomed the guests with an awe. They standing in a line and welcoming the august gathering with their folded hands demonstrated the greatness of the coveted respect our elders command.

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