She whispers her love through the breeze that were embraced by the winds
He resonates her love by his love that were carried by the spirits of love
Like two beautiful pair of birds, let us sing and dance happily.
Like two beautiful pair of fish, let us swim into the deepest of oceans to find love.

The exclamation of the beauty queen shows her unlimited happiness

The gifting of the fragrant rose by the groom shows his boundless cheeriness

The charming couple bound together by love exuded a happy smile as they were engaged to each other.

It is a promise to stick together and grow old together
As we stick together, let us feel the joy of togetherness
In this wonderful world, a world filled with beauty and creativity
Here you are, your inner heart, a bliss I shall call my nativity

The dance and drama put up the troupe of friends at the reception were a colorful and gala event. The cheers they received propelled influenced the couple to join the dance to give their best.

The majestic stallion fetched the bridegroom from the temple after he sought the blessings of the divinity. The myriad rituals of a Brahmin marriage were pursued with flair and verve.

The love-smitten bridegroom delivered a gentle view of his gorgeous fiance. The bride in her stunning red reception wear turned pink as she held her hands to show her love and fondness.

The backdrop of Perumal and Thaayaar provided divine sanctification to the marriage. The vivid wedding wear of the bride matched with the vibrant colors of the floral arrangements. As the groom held the holy knot high above and was about to tie and adorn her, the face of the bride light up in joy.