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I Am a Wedding Photographer in Chennai, and the Story I Tell You is Absolutely True, as Incredible as It May Seem.

I have the same high-end camera that my competitors are using, we are using ideally the same lens available in the market, but our final output is much better than my competitors. This does not only happen one time, this happens every time. After seeing the final output, our customers give high scores. Most of the time we get “WOW, IT’S REALLY EXCELLENT” in our report card. Do you want to know how it is possible?

Get Excellence in Every Frame

In your Marriage, every second is very precious. We can’t recreate moments like in the cinema. Without milliseconds delay, we want to shoot perfectly else we miss those lovely moments. Facial expressions change faster, so here our most experienced photographer always focuses on the good moments and starts shooting before the moment starts and captures the real beauty of your marriage’s magical moments without milliseconds delay.

We know, not everyone writes good poems or draws well. Same as in a photoshoot. If someone wants to become a professional photographer, It needs a lot of creativity, passion, practice, practice, and practice. We have more than 30 years of experience in wedding photography. Our photographers have at least 10 years of experience in the wedding photography industry. We already took millions of photos, so our precious focus is always ready for the next good shoot, and our mind thinks about what’s next.

Beautiful “Algebra of Twist”

In your marriage, your relatives, friends will come. This is a very important joyful moment in your life, so we can capture twist moments in your life as you like. We are specialists in capturing this special twist moment without milliseconds delay. It is very difficult to predict what will happen in the next few seconds, so our photographer and camera are always ready to shoot good moments in your marriage.

Our Photographer always uses the latest camera and advanced focusing lenses so you can expect amazing wedding photographs from us. Now we have captured everything, but the next section is a very terrific selection process starting.


Sharp Minded Editor Pick Only…

Our photographer is a PRO but our editor is Legend. We hand over all the pre-edited photos. Now the tough selection process will start. Our editing standard is very high. Our editor will check every inch of all photos and only select better than the best pictures. After the final selection, he rechecked again that nothing was wrong or anything was missing before the final selection.

More than 60 percent of footage does not meet our tough quality standards, so he rejects everything. In a regular Marriage, we take 2000 pictures. In a big marriage, we take more than 10000 pictures. Note we have full facilities to take snap, store, and process this large volume of pictures and videos.

We have an advanced editing lab, hardware, and software facilities and best editors in the industry. Our editing standard is equal to the film industry because we know you like only that, so we never compromise anything.


We Polish Your Picture Like Diamond

Your raw footage is like a raw diamond. This will not shine that amount. When you see that you cannot see any difference, but we know that we want to edit each picture. Now the editing process has started. We examine each area and identify and edit the color, tone, and lighting.

Based on the picture, this will vary. This was handled by a professional editor, so he took his own time. His aim is to surprise you with your final picture, so he polishes each picture exactly like a diamond. This is the toughest process, so it takes more than a week.

Now the final picture is ready. Now I will cross-examine each picture manually before showing it to you. If any modifications are needed, then that picture will go to the editor table and after editing that will come to me, so now the final picture is ready to surprise you.

The result? A stunning wedding album that preserves the true beauty of your marriage. We only share this kind of quality output because our clients are really excited to see the final picture. This will reveal the original beauty of your marriage. Now you have your wonderful marriage album and videos. Just flip each page, this will mesmerize you. This is equal to a precious diamond so keep store it like a treasure.


We Suitable for Any Scale

You need not worry about your big crowd. We will handle it simply. We have more experience in handling more than 25000 visitors. We are specialists in handling this kind of event. We have a big professional photographer team with advanced camera facilities so we can handle your big marriage event successfully.

We are the only the best wedding photographer in Chennai successfully running our wedding photography business for more than 30 years with high standards with the same spirit and enthusiasm. Our track record is very wide. We cover all religion and community marriage events. More than 2000 marriage functions in the last 30 years have been successful.

We covered Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Brahmin, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi wedding events. Each one has its own pattern and style, but we will shoot the real beauty of the marriage without missing anything.


Wedding Photographer in Chennai and Beyond

Want the best photographers in Chennai for wedding?

Bhalajephotography is a No.1 Wedding Photographer in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We are the best choice for you. We offering variety of wedding photography packages that fit for your requirements so choose us, we will satisfy your exact requirements.  We will shoot your event in milliseconds perfection. We are not only covering Chennai, We are ready to come to your location and shoot your events in India (Mumbai, Goa, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi or anywhere in Indai) and abroad. If you are in Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, USA, UK, Canada, or anywhere in the world we are ready to surprise you.

I am available 24*7 so you can call me at any time, I am ready to answer your valuable call. You can contact us instantly via Mail, Whatsapp, Call, or put one enquiry in our enquiry form. I will call you the best solution based on your needs.

Bhalaje and his team were a pleasure to work with and they took many incredible shots of the multiple functions we had. The wedding film they did for us was very well edited and exceeded our expectations by capturing a lot of candid, fun moments that would have otherwise been missed. The best part was they were un-intrusive, quick and made the whole photography process seamless. I would recommend them highly and without hesitation.

Exceptional Team Captures Unforgettable Wedding Moments

Deepthi Padmanabhan
Very happy with the work done by Bhalaje & team. All the pics shows their professionalism, like how they manage to click all the important ritual moments as well as Gang Arattai's of relatives, kids innocent smile & laugh and the very immediate expression of us after looking some people so long since.
I know that all have enjoyed my family function. But from looking all these pics, I can feel, how much they enjoyed this occasion.Thanks to Bhalaje & team for making this occasion a wonderful one.

Capturing Joy: A Celebration Remembered Forever

Sripriya Sivakumar
Balaje Photography is mainly for those who are really think that memories should be etched for many years to come. In our son's Upanayanam, they delivered impeccable quality. We selected them not by referrals but by gut feel and I should honestly say that they delivered exceeding the expectations, which matches their close to 30 years of experience in this field. I am happy that we chose them.

Timeless Captures: Upanayanam's Exquisite Memories

Devanand Nagarajan

Enquire Now And Get Special Wedding Photography Packages Offers That Will Surprise You.

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