Celebrating the 20th anniversary was like reliving every moment of our experience from the time we began our journey. Our preparation for the event began two months prior, with lots of ideas pouring in from all corners. Ideas about Invites, Food, Venue, Gifts, Music, Storyboard and most importantly about our journey. Choosing the speakers who were our initial customers who gave us hope and continued their support till date was a delightful experience that we would love to cherish. With different ideas from our employees, our well wishers and with lots of prayers, our 20th anniversary was celebrated with pomp and extravaganza. Celebrations combined with emotions and expectations concluded with one note – A promises to expand and serve more and more clients.

80th wedding anniversary of Padmanabhan and Sugantha, a loving couple who had stood the test of time together. The celebrations were held at the Woodlands Hotel, where friends and family from all corners had gathered to honor this remarkable milestone. It was a celebration of love, commitment, and family, a testament to the power of enduring bonds and the joy of sharing life’s journey together.

As Jenifer and Kingston celebrate their silver jubilee, their hearts are filled with joy, and the years ahead hold the promise of even more beautiful moments shared together. Twenty-five years of commitment, dedication, and love have brought them to this momentous occasion. The celebration is a reflection of their enduring achievements and the joy they have brought into the lives of others.

Wearing a smile, blushing with happiness, Abi, the new mother, is taking a turn towards a new life where surprises and blessings wait for her in every moment. The entire family gathered to bless the new mother with warm wishes and signified that they were all set to welcome the new family member. With an expectation of future in eyes and happiness springing from the heart, Dilip strolled the pram to spread a layer of smile in Abi’s face. As a professional Baby shower Photographer in Chennai, we captured all the moments of happiness in our frame and cherished them for a lifetime.

The 25th Silver Anniversary of Venkatraja and Shanthini, the loving couple, was celebrated as a grand affair at Hotel Raintree’s ambient atmosphere. The green grass wall decor was reminiscent of the modern vertical gardens.

Overtaken by an elated feeling, as she overlooked the catamarans in the open sea, their movement with the waves, the mother-in-waiting cannot hide her joy for the little one that is about to give her the motherhood she yearns for.

A beautiful mother-to-be celebrates here Seemantham. The jingle made by the colourful bangles reverberates in her womb. The holy turmeric smeared on her cheeks hides her blush. The elders queue up to sanctify her motherhood. The proud father-to-be sings praise of his beloved, her motherhood and their new found joy.

The quest to cultivate Bhakthi Marga among the youth of today was taken up with a fanfare by #ISKCON. As the chariot with Lord Krishna and Balarama proceeded the chanting of the holy names of the Lord, “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare”, filled the air.

The grandeur of the marriage hall matched with the magnificence of the ocean in close proximity. The double-colored dangling chrysanthemum balls ensured a pleasing reception. The red flowers that adorned the stage offered a stunning contrast to the light blue screen décor below.The groom with his bewhiskered outlook appeared casual yet rich. The bride in her elegant white outfit looked gorgeous as she stepped up the stage and joined hands with her beloved fiancé. As the groom nourished the delectable reception cake to the stunning groom, the clamor of the guests could be heard afar.

The lovely couple get ready with flair as the grand moment to showcase their love has arrived. The gorgeous couple looked impeccable in their wedding attire. The blessing guests wishing good luck, and the fun and frolic of the occasion was like a magic going around. Friends set the fun ball rolling and the event that was made lively by the couple and their friends had no dearth in pleasant moments.

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