Month: April 2019

Olton & Kripa
April 27, 2019

A wonderful marriage ceremony between the loving souls that brought happiness to their hearts. The couple before they were married rejoiced in the coast near the shore temple of Mahabalipuram. The rocks and the sandy background gave an overall romantic feel. The sandy coast and the shore temple as background. The silhouette of the trees, the euphoria on the ground As the night fell, the day before the wedding, the entire wedding party came to life....

Indian Pregnancy Portraits | Chennai
April 27, 2019

The desire to show the grownup child how the mother carried, caressed and cared for him/her is a novel attempt. An extraordinary emotion the mother wanted to capture through the lenses and make the memories live forever is indeed lovely. The expressions of an expecting pregnant mother, her happy state-of-mind was captured flawlessly in this pregnancy portrait. The happy father, his loving tenderness and his caring attitude also got captured in...

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