They say marriages are made in heaven. The marriage of Arvind and Gowri was made in a school where they exchanged their identical thoughts and fell in love. A noble deed through a CSR initiative of teaching the under-privileged kids brought the two loving birds together. The wedding of the amiable couple was indeed a true marriage of hearts.
The spectacular fireworks during the janavasam made the groom ecstatic. The fanfare it created drew the attention of all the guests. The eyes that gazed the spectacular sky were lightened up with million flares. The bride in her lehenga and her profusely intricate kundan jewellery had a glued smile on her face as the reception ceremony commenced. The groom in his grand kurta looked handsome.
Look at me charming, what a lovely pair we make, a husband and wife
Our two hearts, their identical thoughts, happy and elated, together for life.

The wedding was indeed a celebration to not just the noble hearts but the divine kids who benefited from their benevolent acts. The children participated with zeal and geared up to tell their stories, the nostalgia that will remain forever in their lives.
Love carried in the heart, reflects in the deeds, touches many lives
The caring words, affection for each other are honey of the bee-hives.

The flower-work as part of the wedding dΓ©cor was a spectacular show of creativity. The bluish background of the floral art was very different and pleasant. The romantic pair in their elegant wedding attire was exuding a charm that afflicted every guest. The bride in her wedding saree looked gorgeous. As she prostrated to seek the blessings of the elders, the groom gave a gratifying look. A story of a happy pair joined in a journey called life just commenced. Arvind and Gowri were happily married ever after.