Life is a creative journey filled with laughs, smiles and happiness. The most intimate of couples are mindful and receptive of this holy truth. Shashtiabdhapoorthi ceremonies are happy occasions for loving and seasoned couples.

Turning 60 is indeed a lot more special. The experienced birthday man turns to his spouse and says, “You have never ceased to be there during my good and challenging days”. As the couple sat together and offered their blessings, their daughters rejoiced.

Having created a happy family, Srinivasan and Geetha, is a content couple and their pleasantness is reflected in their joyful Sadhabhishegam confluence. The two happy daughters accompanied their mother to the stage. The joyous father was waiting to strengthen his bond with his beloved. When Mama tied the holy knot to his beloved wife their devotion to each other was filled with emotions and nostalgia.

As the flowers showered on the seasoned couple they were exited. The happiness on the face of the couple multiplied infinitely as they saw their happy faces as a couple into the mirror. A complete happiness engulfed as they celebrated together the 60th birthday. The celebration with their near and dear was complete and impressive.