The tall and handsome groom held her hand with love as the bride was about to move from the stage. His unrelenting love for her was timeless. As the powerful lenses captured the moves, their emotions were frozen in time. When the sun was still lazy on the horizon, the beautiful bride took refuge in her beloved’s heart. The stunning bride looked into his eyes and communicated her wholesome love.

When the couple held themselves together, they loved when they share small things about themselves. They know and felt together that the shortcut to paradise was to live together as a caring couple. The handsome groom was surrounded by his friends and the occasion of his marriage was a previous time to share their fun.

The Bharatham and the Carnatic music Kacheri were lively cultural events that enamored the guests. The exchanging of garland was a fun-filled ceremony rejoiced by the lovely couple. They said to each other that they felt perfect when they were in the company of each other. Long live the wonderful couple.