The wedding reception was a feast for the slaying of a magic spell and this reception ceremony was no exception. The couple enjoyed every moment. They did not blink a second to feel exhausted. The celebration was poetry-like passages read out from a poet’s collection. There was no limit to childlike moments and that indeed was normal in weddings and any functions. The bride in her simple yet grand reception attire looked elegant in her kundan jewellery. The groom in his blue suit looked stately. He stared into her enigmatic eyes and got lost in love forever.

The wedding between the loving couple witnessed the collective happiness of many virtuous souls. The gentle love between the bride and the groom was filled with harmony and consonance. The myriad ceremonies of the marriage captivated the guests. The shower of colourful petals on the newlywed reflected the deluge of blessings. The exchange of garlands was euphoric and saw some light moments.

Endearing moments remain fresh as my love is always near
Geared to face a towering happy life with my dear

The checked floral decor on the wall added a romantic background to their love. The chrysanthemum and the marigold garlands appended a yellow charm. The euphoria that gripped the marriage hall as the couple exchanged their garlands and vows was unmatched. A million sparkle of stars on the night sky faded to the high voltage smile of the couple.

As I hold your hands, years and years of caring shall manifest
Together let us grow grey hairs and feel the eternal heartbeat

As the couple and their entourage assembled for few group photographs, moments of unhindered fun ensued. As the holy fire kept raging, it served as a witness to the union between two holy souls.