Friendship knows no bound as they show their love in times of need. Having great friends who share their life with us is a wonderful gift. They give us the ability to laugh at the drop of the hat. Their love to you does not carry any riders and is absolutely unconditional. Akila and Kaushika are such thick friends they decided to capture and freeze their moments together. The two friends are moving independently and so they decided to spend quality time at the ECR coast and want their memories captured in a frame.
A friend that is close is one who is an ideal gift
The soul is reachable when morale needs a lift
Our friendship is unique, so memorable, and sweet
Together we rock, make merry and our hearts beat

They can grow apart and that does not change the fact they were thick friends whose collective memories will always tangle to present them with joy. The two close friends carry their memories in their hearts, knows who you are and accept what you have become. Someone said, “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world has walked out”. How true! The friendship of Akila and Kaushika is one such bond that is destined to stay.