The Aayushya Homam soaked in divinity was performed to ward off the vibrations of previous birth. As the holy Yagna was lit and the pyre was advanced with the holy materials, the sanctity of the place was felt. The spiritual connect the ceremony brought about reflected on the faces of the elders and young one’s alike.

The young man in his traditional Veshti and Green Pattu Angavasthram looked charming. His cute sister in her dark pink silk ethnic wear looked adorable in her rose garlands.

All we see is cuteness overloaded, in your alluring face.
Those sweet kids, whose captivating charm exude grace.

The Abdhapoorthi ceremony of the kids was accomplished after the ear-piercing ceremony was over.

Oh tiny droplets from the sky, you are our life worthwhile
Heart sinks in happiness, a joyous soul every time you smile