Glittering gold, shining light, faded away and made way for the couple of the day – Monisha and Bharath. As the #bride expressed her love and smiled at the groom, the shower of flowers added more flare to the moment.

The light blue illuminated backdrop of the reception stage and the white throne provided a perfect setting for the opulent reception. The bride in her profusely embroidered lehenga and the groom in his checked suit looked fresh and celebratory.

Their sacred marriage was a poem born out of a vivid dream. The gorgeous bride strolled to the reception stage amidst a lively fanfare and cheering. As the couple was seated on the throne, they were adorned with garlands.

The happy bride prostrated and offered her respect to the august gathering. The Tamil wedding with its traditional fervor was complete with all the elements.

The brightly lit up spacious convention centre welcomed the august guests. The grand French colonial architecture of the convention centre provided for the classic setting. The opulent wedding of Lakshana with Aditya was the talk of the town.

The grand Sangeeth and Reception filled with dance and music was a colorful display of celebration and art. The bridegroom in his checkered tuxedo looked suave and elegant. The shimmering golden zari woven into the traditional attire of the couple getting married demonstrated the richness of our ethnic wedding wears.

The gorgeous bride glittering in her antique jewelry arrived to hold her beloved’s hands. The stage with the huge vases brimming with vivid flowers was all set to receive the loving couple.

The enjoyment of fireworks lightened the black sky. Enthralled spectators rejoiced the colourful and luminous night sky. The colourful chariot with the energetic couple strolled down the street.

The musical and dance evening was full of energy and enthusiasm. Every guest to the function actively participated and willingly shook their legs. It was not only a fun-filled evening but it was also an evening that was filled with euphoria and elation.

It was exuberance and indulgence throughout the day as the guests and the couple danced with energy and enthusiasm. The bride in her embroidered pink attire looked stunning and the groom seemed to enjoy every dance movement of his beloved.

The twin days of celebration anticipated the most by the couple dawned. There were all round excitement and expectations. The bride in her light shades lehenga and the groom in his suit looked marvelous on the occasion of reception. An occasion marked by solemn happiness where their friends took to the stage and danced to the songs.

The awe-inspiring row of arches welcomed the august guests to the grandiose wedding. The bride in her silvery antique jewelry and matching reception attire dazzled like a star. Together with the stately groom in his shiny kurta, they were a duet.

The profusely decorated hallway gives way to the beautiful bride. As the bride strolled gently to the stage, she took an amazing big stride. The colourful dance marked the opening of the reception ceremony. The bride in her ethnic lehenga and the groom in his traditional kurta looked marvellous.

The exquisite pink pandal was welcoming and its setting with the backdrop of the classical building was breathtaking. The pleasant Pasumalai hills of Madurai offered a serene ambiance to the entire wedding function.

A typical Malayali wedding where there was no dearth in happiness. The magical rhythm of the Chendai melam provided a great start to the simple ceremonies. The young inflorescence of the coconut palm surrounded by traditional lamps provided for conventional excitement.

The profusely decorated hallway gives way to the beautiful bride. As the bride strolled gently to the stage, she took an amazing big stride. The colourful dance marked the opening of the reception ceremony. The bride in her ethnic lehenga and the groom in his traditional kurta looked marvellous.

The slender dangling decor of the lanky white tuberose flowers provided a luxurious setting in the background as the wedding reception got underway. The dusky evening with its faint light on the horizon amplified the romance between the two souls that celebrated a wonderful wedding reception.

Joy is a butterfly, its vivid wings with all the nature induced intricate designs. Joy is how our heart reacts to the elation. Joy was the overwhelming emotion at the wedding of Aadhavan and Madhumitha. The bride in her koora pudavai was full of lively smiles that seemed to eternally infect the groom.

The reception celebration of Devikala and Senthilkumar was indeed a hilarious evening. The dance show performed by the snazzy boys and their troupe was entertaining throughout. The couple joined the hustle and twirled to the tune of the music in the background.

The innately embroidered attractive pink attire matched with her sparkling diamond jewelry. The welcoming monotony of the pink was complimented by the contrasting blue suit of the suave groom. The expansive marriage hall was lit with millions of glowing lamps.

The magnificence of bridal jewelry on display came to life as the beautiful bride bedecked ’em. The bridegroom wasn’t left behind with his luxury collections. But the greatest luxury in life is happiness that bubbles from deep within the bride as she holds the hands of her beloved. The loving couple was seemingly happy and delighted.

The wedding took place in the beautiful coastal Tamil town of Nagapattinam. As the beat of the Sendai melam roared into the ears of the guests, it marked the arrival of the festivity. The garlanded groom in his golden kurta reached the venue on time.

The couple’s wedding culminated as a result of a spiritual journey to the abode of Lord Balaji. The auspicious Garuda and the greenery atop the Saptagiri Hills were welcoming. The bride and the groom were showered with blessings as they prepared to get married for life.

A big Yokosa (welcome) to the Nihon no kappuru (Japanese couple) who chose Hindu marriage rituals to get married. Takashi and Ayumi found great courage, no small feat, to host their dream wedding in a distant land cherishing its tradition.

The village setting of the pre-wedding shoot gave a unique freshness to the occasion. The bride in her flowing green attire was all romantic as the day dawned and a chill breeze made the weather pleasant. The groom and the bride became romantic as they clang to each other to feel the love.

The bride in her brown reception attire was a gorgeous angel. Arriving in her blue chariot, the august guests saw the stately groom receiving his beloved with all love. The couple chitchatted with each other strolled to the stage.

While festivities start with symbolic breaking of a coconut, #marriage is the union of two hearts for life. The preparation for the holy alliance was full of colours and was captured with zeal. The aerial drone shot, the vivid floral decorations, the sumptuous food getting prepared, the arrangements for the gala feast, the arrival of the seer, this wedding teaser had every bit picked up.

The drone shot of the wedding hall was awe-inspiring. The light music with soft melodious songs set a wonderful joyous mood. The eyes of the bride were searching for her groom. The showers of holy rice brought copious blessings.

The vibrant marigold combined with the green parrot handcrafts to provide for a welcoming floral decoration. The adorable contrast in the decorations symbolized the marriage between Syamala and James, the lovely couple hailing from different ethnic backgrounds.

The elegant bride in her intricately woven ethnic attire in striking hues smiles at the suave groom. Two overzealous hearts merged to create a shimmering symphony. They say that love is a flight that facilitates escape to dreamland.

We had a great challenge to get Krithika and Vyaasprashanth out from the enjoying crowd for a mini couple shoot. As we began capturing both their emotions, we realized both had this soft romantic interior.

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