Wedding Teaser Sahana & Suseendran

The temple city of Madurai came to life as the wedding of Suseendharan and Sahana was about to start. The auspicious occasion commenced with a ritual welcoming of the groom and the groom arrived on the wedding stage with fanfare. The elders, their experience and their blessings were the most important marriage rituals.

As the handsome groom tied the holy knot to his beloved queen, he adored her every second. The casual reception ceremony was a hit among youngsters. The groom in his bright blue kurta looked clean-cut and the bride in her yellow and bright pink saree looked stunning. The joyous marriage event came to a grand end with a ceremonious play.

Wedding Teaser Revathi & Arun

Eyes full of bleared lights, she ascends with a smile loaded on her face. She is a bird as she spreads her wings, never to stop till the wind blows. Her beloved's heart is a hermitage where the bird of beauty sings his praise.

Wedding Teaser Suganya & Sivasundar

Is there a first love? After he saw her coming, sure there is first love.
You are so beautiful and new, the sight of you makes my heart glow.
The whole world moves slow, bubbles fly and the voices tone down.
Let not my heart pause for a moment as I move to make you my own.

Wedding Teaser Preeti & Mathew

As the scattered wave rearranged the sand after they washed ashore, the happy couple, lived every moment rejoicing themselves. The unceasing waves and the sea shells strewn along the sandy coast filled the romantic space. The perfect aerial shot showed how small we are but how undiminished is love.

The perfect wedding day dawned and the bride and the groom arrived in style. The welcome dance of Matthew was refreshing and Preeti was not left behind. She danced to the tune perfectly and expressed her fondness for Matthew. The ambiance was filled with celebration and their life replete with happiness was destined to win.

Engagement Teaser Ilakkiya & Naveen

The beautiful decorations welcomed the guests with an awe. They standing in a line and welcoming the august gathering with their folded hands demonstrated the greatness of the coveted respect our elders command. The incredible humility of the couple, in receiving the blessings of the elderly and the joy that spread its wings were all wonderful sights that will be steeped in our collective memory.
The admiration of their mutual emotions in the middle of the lush green grove, and the blushing of the bride, everything provided for a wonderful experience. The elegant engagement ceremony exposed the simplicity and happiness of the families.

{Engagement Date - 09-April-2017}

Engagement Teaser Pradhyumna & Priya

The brightness of the traditional lamp and its radiance emanating far and wide. The engagement of Pradhyumna with Priya commenced and proceeded with a traditional fervor. The glow and joy on the groom's face was a cynosure of all eyes. The bride in her marvelous pink attire, her ever-smiling face was full of warmth.

The showering yellow rice offering the sanction of the elders was so divine and great. The schmaltz of the ceremonies, the joy it brings with it, the splendor associated and everything were so incredible and remarkable.

Wedding Teaser Krithika & Vyaasprashanth

We had a great challenge to get Krithika and Vyaasprashanth out from the enjoying crowd for a mini couple shoot. As we began capturing both their emotions, we realized both had this soft romantic interior. As the ceremonies proceeded, they kept smiling and never ceased to gesture to people who were near and dear.

The day of the wedding dawned and the courtly couple could be seen wearing some amount of solemnity in their charming smiles. Should we call it the reality of marriage or the consciousness that they together are going to tread a path full of love and mutual caring for the rest of their life? The couple’s journey is going to be exciting and they are indeed going to lead a wonderful life full of emotion and fondness. At Bhalaje Photography, we wish the couple a happy and a solemn life.

Wedding Teaser Deepak & Deepthi

A typical Malayali wedding where there was no dearth in happiness. The magical rhythm of the Chendai melam provided a great start to the simple ceremonies. The young inflorescence of the coconut palm surrounded by traditional lamps provided for conventional excitement.

The vibrant song set the mood for dancing and the dance floor was brimming with enthusiastic dancers. The beat was awesome and made everyone swirl and twirl. The beautiful bride and the charming groom danced to the tunes and the gathering made merry. The mouth-watering array of wedding dishes was a gourmet’s delight. The food was tantalizing far and beyond and the aroma of the delicious food lingered on our taste-buds quite long.

Upanayanam Sai Shyam Sridharan

Upanayanam enshrines high virtues in a man. It tells the young mind the importance of sincerity and integrity in life. It prepares the young mind to embrace adulthood. It embodies the arrival of GenNext to take on the mantle from his father. The ceremony indeed provides loads of proud moments to father figures!

As Sai Shyam smirked with a contagious smile, the occasion of #Upanayanam came to life. It was indeed his time, a time to step to the next stage of life, a life filled with acumen and wisdom. The exuding charm he shared was full of joy and energy, making the day that was great and adorable in the family’s collective memory.
{Ceremony Date - 06-Feb-2017}

Wedding Teaser Syamala & James

The vibrant marigold combined with the green parrot handcrafts to provide for a welcoming floral decoration. The adorable contrast in the decorations symbolized the marriage between Syamala and James, the lovely couple hailing from different ethnic backgrounds. It was two hearts but one heartbeat. Marriage has bonded the two souls despite their cultural differences.

As the groom gets introduced to the #wedding rituals, he seems inquisitive to know more. On this beautiful occasion where two cultures meet, the two souls united in happiness and it was indeed indulging to capture them in our lenses. Let the love they have for each other grow vast and reach its glory.
{Wedding Date - 22-Feb-2017}

Wedding Teaser Takashi & Ayumi

A big Yokosa (welcome) to the Nihon no kappuru (Japanese couple) who chose Hindu marriage rituals to get married. Takashi and Ayumi found great courage, no small feat, to host their dream wedding in a distant land cherishing its tradition.

The bride, the most beautiful is a grace sent from heaven above. The groom, the most handsome is a sanction from Lord #Muruga himself. To be married in his abode and be offered his consecration is a gift straight from the Lord. The happiness that spreads when the groom admires the beauty of his newly wed wife is a prognostic moment of the positive things that is yet to come. Let happiness in its extreme form bestow upon the lovely couple and make them adorable forever.

{Wedding Date - 06-Feb-2017}

Wedding Teaser Janani & Rahul

The unceasing waves reflect the beauty of infinity. The love that springs from two hearts is endless that refuses to be defined as finite. The pre wedding shoot was a hit and it was a rehearsal to the Sangeet function that was to come about.

Infinite joy and endless euphoria gripped the Sangeet party as everyone was welcomed with joy. As the couple and the august guests made merry, they sang and danced to their content and we did our best to capture the euphoria in the air. The young couple were getting ready to hear the wedding bells ring and this occasion marked another milestone before their love life would begin.
{Sangeet Date - 23-01-2017}

Wedding Teaser Aishwarya & Sanjay

The artistic hands performed soulful rituals with loads of good thoughts ingrained in the heart. The groom carried his beloved and walked in the corridor to pose. The frequent smiles, the good emotions shared between the bride and the groom is a must watch. The day of the marriage beckoned and the colourful bride walked to the stage. The funny happenings around the Malai Matral, the joy, the rituals surrounding the oonjal, everything was fun. Take a glance at the wedding teaser of the marriage event of Aishwayra and Sanjay.

Wedding Teaser Pravallika & Sailesh

A wonderful #honeymoon is a romantic date, preparing the couple for love that does not abate. The salubrious clime of the higher altitude always attracts the young couple. Pravallika and Sailesh were no exception to this rule. Boating by the lake, romance by the tea garden, a stroll by the meandering hillside, nothing was missed. The bountiful nature around becomes more green with the unabated romance.

A surge of emotions ring a bell. As old memories are played, they come back to life helping to recollect the wonderful moments. As their moments of joy get seized by the lenses, a sense of exhilaration fills the heart. How awesome!

Betrothal Teaser | Anand and Shravanya

Expectations can set off happiness. A #Wedding in the offing brings immense joy to the two lovely hearts that are destined to join. All were welcome to the betrothal of Anand and Shravanya. An engagement function is where two hearts are sealed and they counting the days for the arrival of the bigger day.

There is laughter and euphoria in the air and everyone is seemingly happy the moment the engagement is pronounced as having done. Every smile, grin, laughter, mild and loud, all are captured beautifully in this teaser. Each step towards this wonderful emotion brings a fresh bout of happiness, an emotion that replays infinitely, every moment.

{Date - 09-Dec-2016}

Wedding Teaser | Aadhavan and Madhumitha

Joy is a butterfly, its vivid wings with all the nature induced intricate designs. Joy is how our heart reacts to the elation. Joy was the overwhelming emotion at the wedding of Aadhavan and Madhumitha. The bride in her koora pudavai was full of lively smiles that seemed to eternally infect the groom.

The different shades of laughter and smile are the manifestation of excitement. The groom in his tuxedo was handsome. The wedding props spread giggles in the gathering and everyone wanted to try their hands on them. The showering of the holy rice saw the culmination of the holy alliance of the couple. How wonderful are our emotions!
{Date - 09-Nov-2016}

Teaser Movie of Anand and Shravanya

Moments are still in our memory yet they are live and happening as we try and recapture. As we created the perfect setting to capture the happenings of the marriage of Anand and Shravanya in stillness, the varying characters played out quite skilfully. The selfie capturing duo, the boasting youth, the chit-chatting elders, the inquisitive friends, the playful children, all were part of this wonderful creativity.

A collective memory is more powerful yet wonderful. As the folks sit and recollect the happenings, what was interesting begins to unfold and unleash streaks of happiness and joy. A look at the marriage teaser of Anand and Shravanya is sure to make you cool.

{Date - 09-Dec-2016}

Wedding Teaser | Raviteja weds Divya

Bursting laughter, parties and planning, elaborate ceremonies, the arrival of the grand day, everything will be remembered for life. They sure would remain fond in the memory of Raviteja and Divya and all their kith and kin who attended their grand marriage ceremony. The glittering ethnic wears were a feast to the eyes.

The glitzy marriage ceremonies were steeped in everyone’s collective memory. The couple, they really mean when they said and lived the love for each other. Together they shall conquer life, make it meaningful and let happiness befall and beckon frequently. As the couple took oath to become husband and wife, happiness seem to pervade and permeate every nook and corner.

{Date - 06-Nov-2016}

Wedding Teaser | Nithyashri & Ashwinkumar

She was someone who touched his heart, a great way beginning indeed, oh what a start! Ashwin and Nithyashree are engaged and are in love. Let him wait an eternity for her because he simply adores her. Ashwin has taken a special vow to get Nithyashree as his life partner and hence all the waiting he does and all the puns is nothing.

The laugh and the smile happening every moment, the enchanting ambiance, the euphoria of the august gathering, everything getting captured in our lenses was indeed an awesome experience.

{Date - 06-Nov-2016}

Wedding Teaser | Vikram and Sahitya

A handsome lad touched down the city to seize his empress beauty. The prince charming had fascinated the gorgeous princess. He captured her heart and proposed to marry her. The beautiful princess stood before the wedding wish tree and whispered about her attraction towards prince charming. They shared their thoughts, happily nodded to unite in life. Thereafter the prince charming took the hands of the princess, married her and happily lived ever after.

Sri Lankan Tamil Wedding Teaser | Kannan and Subangini

The elegant bride in her intricately woven ethnic attire in striking hues smiles at the suave groom. Two overzealous hearts merged to create a shimmering symphony. They say that love is a flight that facilitates escape to dreamland. As the groom holds the hands of his beloved, she turns pink and feels how beautiful and stunning this universe is.

A Classic Chennai Brahmin Wedding Teaser | Poornima weds Swarun

The grand marriage takes place amidst celebration and festivity in the air. Smiles and grins of the guests originate from the face of the guests as the couple play while they exchange garlands. The raining of holy ice and flowers on the newly married couple resembles a drizzle on a lush green mountain. As the bride bows her head with her hands folded, the groom ties the knot to the musical notes of "Ketti Melam".

Wedding Teaser | Malati and Bala

The mystic and fragrant air surrounds the wedding ambiance to present a divine setting. The ecstatic dance behind the couple and the romance of the couple invokes awe. The most lovely couple in their traditional wear waits for those auspicious moment with joy. As the moment arrives and when the groom ties the holy knot, the bride is ecstatic and beams with the smeared jasmines that slip down her gently.

Concept Wedding Teaser | Utthara & Anirudh

A humorous introduction of Utthra where her friends are amused and are fancifully expecting her marriage with Anirudh. The tall handsome groom walks and enters the wedding stage with his beautiful bride. The superbly done wedding decors, the spirited wedding ceremonies add elements of artistry.

Wedding Teaser | Kaushik and Krushna

A ‪wedding full of vivid colors and intense emotions. Ceremonies that are opulent and colorful mark the holy wedlock. The vibrant floral umbrella, plates of beautiful flowers, and the simple yet elegant golden rings for the bride and the groom are some of the glimpses one can catch in this marriage. This wedding teaser gives a peek of the rich and myriad ceremonies associated with a ‪marriage.

Wedding Teaser 2016 | Rakshita and Karthik

As the door opens to a new life, a new chapter of give and take awaits this love-some couple. While the bride awaits her groom, there is euphoria among the guests. The elation is characterized by dance and romance, jive and the jitterbug, and fun and frolic. The happiness of the couple knows no bounds as they share romantic moments during their wedding.

An Eventful Betrothal Teaser | Nithyashri and Ashwinkumar

It was definitely not another engagement. It was an engagement that filled with jubilant mood and delightful instants. The exuberant couple were indeed a focal point. The event was marked with lots of fun moments and the video amazingly captures all those entertaining hours. The crazy couple were seen having fun through the function and what more could you have asked for. Cheerful moments indeed!

Bhalaje Photography's 20th Anniversary

Celebrating the 20th anniversary was like reliving every moment of our experience from the time we began our journey. Our preparation for the event began two months prior, with lots of ideas pouring in from all corners. Ideas about Invites, Food, Venue, Gifts, Music, Storyboard and most importantly about our journey. Choosing the speakers who were our initial customers who gave us hope and continued their support till date was a delightful experience that we would love to cherish. With different ideas from our employees, our well wishers and with lots of prayers, our 20th anniversary was celebrated with pomp and extravaganza.

Celebrations combined with emotions and expectations concluded with one note - A promises to expand and serve more and more clients.