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Together, as a pair they ventured outside the mandapam to take catch some glimpses of the marriage occasion. They stood by the entrance of the hall and watched as arrangements were being made. As the shades of the auspicious leaves fell on the smiling faces of the bride and the groom, it created a collage of natural lights which was readily captured in the frame.
As the couple together cast grains and flowers into the raging agni, and went around the kundam with a religious fervor in their mind and love in their heart, they sought the blessings of the almighty, the omnipresent that witnesses everything from above.
Balaji sir and his team had done a fabulous job in putting together pre wedding, wedding and reception videos and images. They were very punctual and stayed till the very end and also captured all the beautiful moments extremely well. I would like to specially mention the way he suggested to take us to kovalam beach for a photo shoot and took special interest in the costumes. He took us in his car and had left two very capable photographers with us for the shoot at secret garden as he was busy though he managed to capture some very nice stills in kovalam beach himself. His work and photo clarity is very good. His team is also very capable - they suggested very nice poses for the shoots. I would like to thank Jain and tamil(if I got his name correct) who had come along to take pre wedding pictures. Balaji and his team had captured my look extremely well during wedding. Special thanks for that. This review is being written by the bride. Overall, I am very happy with his work.

Capturing Moments: A Wedding Masterpiece Experience

Preethi v
Balaje Photography is mainly for those who are really think that memories should be etched for many years to come. In our son's Upanayanam, they delivered impeccable quality. We selected them not by referrals but by gut feel and I should honestly say that they delivered exceeding the expectations, which matches their close to 30 years of experience in this field. I am happy that we chose them.

Capturing Timeless Moments with Expertise

Devanand Nagarajan
From my engagement (2017) to till my baby first birthday (2023) I am so happy with their work. They have good team members. Whatever idea we have , if we discuss with them , they will do without hesitation and with a happy face. Quality of work 10/10. Highly recommended this photography to create elite memories. Thank you so much Bhalajee sir.

Exceptional Photography: Creating Lasting, Joyful Memories

Jai Chandru

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