Pre/Post Weddings

Post Wedding Teaser | Honeymoon | Pravallika & Sailesh

A wonderful #honeymoon is a romantic date, preparing the couple for love that does not abate. The salubrious clime of the higher altitude always attracts the young couple. Pravallika and Sailesh were no exception to this rule. Boating by the lake, romance by the tea garden, a stroll by the meandering hillside, nothing was missed. The bountiful nature around becomes more green with the unabated romance.A surge of emotions ring a bell. As old memories are played, they come back to life helping to recollect the wonderful moments. As their moments of joy get seized by the lenses, a sense of exhilaration fills the heart. How awesome!

Pre Wedding Photography and Teaser | Prabha and Kartik

Wonderful moments that brought out well the intimate love, topped with a tad of naughtiness of the couple. The jubilant couple had eventful time in a serene place surrounded by lush green coconut palms. The deep blue sea and the clear blue sky in the vicinity provided a profound succor. The nature around was pristine and the spotless beach offered a romantic early morning to the fantastic couple.

Pre Wedding Teaser and Photography | Sri Ganesh and Neethi

The rejuvenating greenery of the coastal backwaters in the background, the meandering rivers and the boats dotted on them, all seem fresh. The slice of the sky in electrifying orange brings a sparkle of diamond. The enticing surrounding and the incredible scenery are treat to eyes. The couple seem to fancy every instant and their joy and love knows no bounds.