Pre/Post Wedding

Beach Pre Wedding Photography and Montage | Arvind and Preeti

The waves wash ashore and wets our feet. The distant sun in orange spectrum stands witness to our love. Our eternal love gets carried by the gentle breezes of the coconut palm. As the distant trees in silhouette sway by their natural ecstasy, their pleasantness carries our thoughts and mesmerizes our inner feel. Love was such a wonder when Arvind and Preeti chose to have their pre wedding montage along the sandy coast.

Their hearts were filled with joy. They were boisterous and had a rollicking time. There are many things that lay ahead in married life and the couple seem to be well prepared to take up the challenges life throws. Their joy was endless and knew no bound.

Pre Wedding Photography and Teaser | Prabha and Kartik

Wonderful moments that brought out well the intimate love, topped with a tad of naughtiness of the couple. The jubilant couple had eventful time in a serene place surrounded by lush green coconut palms. The deep blue sea and the clear blue sky in the vicinity provided a profound succor. The nature around was pristine and the spotless beach offered a romantic early morning to the fantastic couple.

Pre Wedding Teaser and Photography | Sri Ganesh and Neethi

The rejuvenating greenery of the coastal backwaters in the background, the meandering rivers and the boats dotted on them, all seem fresh. The slice of the sky in electrifying orange brings a sparkle of diamond. The enticing surrounding and the incredible scenery are treat to eyes. The couple seem to fancy every instant and their joy and love knows no bounds.