Wedding Montage | Santhosh and Ragini

The dawn of the day saw fresh streaks of happiness. The vivid stage décor and the colourful floral arrangements gave Goosebumps. The arrival of the groom was much awaited. As he arrives, in a few moments, his heart shall take permanent refuge in the bride and the thought shall bring him instances of excitement. The wedding of Santhosh and Ragini started with a great love affair.

The bride and the groom arrived into the stage by performing a kolattam to everyone’s amusement. The couple in their wedding attire seemed very cultural. The bride resembled Andal, the divine lady known for her devotion to the lord. Happiness filled the air as Santhosh tied the holy knot.

{Date - 11-April-2016 @ Kuchalambal}

Naidu Wedding Montage | Harshini & Vishnu

A vivid and a colorful marriage it was. Every nuances of a contemporary marriage were present. Pomp and grandeur marked every celebration. And needless to say, ecstasy and euphoria were enduring in the air. The sheer joy of getting married to a man of her dream was apparent on the face of the charming bride. The modest and handsome groom could not hold back his excitement. As the bride took her mangalsutra, her gleaming eyes were full of love.

Utppalakshi Silks Montage

Dreams come true and for that reason one should dream. A sophisticated place for silks is a dream and that has been realized at Utppalakshi. The glittering zaris, the different shades of silk, the assorted pattern of sarees, all were characteristically present. The gala opening ceremony of the showroom captured the satisfaction of the women behind the venture. A near gratifying experience indeed.

Telugu Wedding Montage | Gopi Krishna and Monika at Nellore

The alluring chemistry between Radha and Krishna gives a warm welcome to the guests. Surrounded by the loved ones, the bride and the groom talk about the memories they will take together in their language of love. As the blessings of the holy rice that showers on them abound, so is their happiness. A perfect pair they are, they shall hold each other. As they pledge to start their life together, the lovely gathering wishes them a bright future ahead.

Tambrahm Wedding Highlights | Utthara and Anirudh at Chennai

The attracting beauty of the intricate Mehndi came to live in the function. The happy dance sequence of the couple during the Mehndi function culminated in every guests joining in. It was a mass celebration indeed. As strength and faith grew, the two souls that joined in union brought more love, affection and passion to each other. A rocking pair was on their way to make a great husband and wife.

Best Brahmin Wedding Montage | Malati and Bala

The best looking couple gave us gala moments in their wedding. The ecstatic dance they performed as a couple on the dance floor left the guests mesmerized. Love was felt in every moment until their hearts filled in each others. The marriage tradition was vivid and the perfect smile of the bride as she took her holy knot was a treat to watch.

Best Cinematic Wedding Montage | Kaushik and Krushna

The ethnic set up with its rustic background adds beauty to the colorful marriage extravaganza. The beautiful explanation offered for the enchanting mantras truly captivated the guests. A sense of euphoria ensued when the bride started singing a romantic country song. The celebrations went on till the moon took flight and the sun's rays started taking a peek to create a mesmerizing dawn on the horizon.

Cinematic Wedding Montage | Suganya with Siva Sundar

The quest for a great bride by the groom ended in this jubilant ‪wedding‬. A ‎marriage‬ that narrated stories in every frame. The elated new husband is all happy, "calm yourself", said the newly married, reminding him that they are happily married ever after.

Wedding Montage Highlights | Rakshita and Karthik

The intriguing ornateness of the mehndi saw a jubilant bride. The euphoria that started during the mehndi function continued well into the DJ session. The North-South fusion ‪‎marriage‬ was a delight to watch. On the whole, the ‪wedding‬ of Rakshita with Karthik was an exceptional felicity. The grand setting comes to life as the jubilant groom and the beaming bride walk into the hall full of decors.

Venue - Woodlands Hotel @ Chennai

Cinematic Brahmin Wedding Montage 2016 | Deepak and Olivia

A vivid and a vibrant ‪‎marriage‬. The bride, Olivia, with her ethereal radiance and beaming smile abruptly blushes as she takes in her holy knot. That palpable moment of being pronounced "a wife" is indeed emotional. The cherished pair to falls in love and brings a spectacular moment filled with color and happiness.

The Tamil Iyengar Cinematic Wedding Highlights 2016 | Ragini and Santhosh

An ‪Iyengar‬ wedding video‬ that is sure to give you a romantic experience. The mellifluous ‪Hindustani‬ music in the background with the scream of the peacock gives you goosebumps . The highlight of the video is the bride and the groom being brought in the palanquin. The palanquin with its vividly colored parakeets and the fascinating floral decoration of the oonjal gives vibrancy to the marriage function.

Best Creative Wedding Montage and Post Wedding | Neethi and Sri Ganesh

The beauty of the backwaters and greenery, pristine love of a couple, emotions of a mother, soul touching wishes of the guests, vibrant traditions, brilliantly colored wedding attire and many more such wonderful elements make up this video. This marriage is a beautiful moment where two hearts came together in the most beautiful way to share their eternal love. The melodious song in the background with its incredible lyrics touches every heart.

Sangeeth and Wedding Montage | Mehgna with Vinayak

Happiness happens on every unexpected moments. Moments that remain evergreen in one's cherished memory. The romance of the couple unfolds at every occasion. The exceptional sangeeth and the exclusive dance of the couple catching everyone by surprise. As the bride arrives in the palanquin, the groom holds her hands and makes her his family. A holy union that is marriage, prevails.

Christian Wedding Montage | Christopher and Daphni

The occasion where they resolve to live together as per God's wish, share their love for each other, share their concerns for each other and be for each other in times of joy and in times of need. As the couple walked past the aisle, the event was marked by color and pomp. The joy was compounded when the newly wed happily set off to their honeymoon.

Wedding Reception Montage | Praveen and Pallavi

The lovely couple get ready with flair as the grand moment to showcase their love has arrived. The gorgeous couple looked impeccable in their wedding attire. The blessing guests wishing good luck, and the fun and frolic of the occasion was like a magic going around. Friends set the fun ball rolling and the event that was made lively by the couple and their friends had no dearth in pleasant moments.

Lip Dub Wedding Film | Hamsini weds Gautam

The song sequence marked with the grand arrival of the groom in the heavily decorated auto-rickshaw. The participation of guests in enacting the song sequence with some interspersing of dance sequence was mesmerizing. The Patti and the Vathiyar also ardently singing the song gives an immense feel. As the Kothai exchanged her garlands with her beloved newly wed, there was intense celebration in the ambiance.

Lungi Dance Montage - Shradha with Abhinav

Ecstasy was all around the moment the much awaited "Lungi dance" was played. Men and women, children and the elderly, the brunettes and the blonds, all started swaying and bouncing to the magical tunes of the song. It is mass euphoria that caught up. The swirling lights added to the already charged mood and the legs never swooned or drooped an iota. It was fun in the air and every soul enjoyed every bit.

BHALAJE PHOTOGRAPHY - 20th Anniversary

20th Anniversary

Celebrating the 20th anniversary was like reliving every moment of our experience from the time we began our journey. Our preparation for the event began two months prior, with lots of ideas pouring in from all corners. Ideas about Invites, Food, Venue, Gifts, Music, Storyboard and most importantly about our journey. Choosing the speakers who were our initial customers who gave us hope and continued their support till date was a delightful experience that we would love to cherish. With different ideas from our employees, our well wishers and with lots of prayers, our 20th anniversary was celebrated with pomp and extravaganza.

Celebrations combined with emotions and expectations concluded with one note - A promises to expand and serve more and more clients.