Pavithra & Michael

Brahmin Wedding Photographer Service in Chennai

The pot on the two sides of the entrance drooping with strings of closely knitted chrysanthemum caught everyone’s imagination. The tens and hundreds of bell clanked to make a jangle, the groom adorned a ring to his beloved. As the beautiful bride entered the reception stage, she was given a floral reception. The bride in her purple wedding attire with her braided long hairs looked all set to take Michael her man of life. The swing decorated in traditional kolams and flowers was ready to receive the couple for the oonjal ceremony. As the groom tied the holy knot, his smile brought joy to his soul.

Bhalaje and his team were a pleasure to work with and they took many incredible shots of the multiple functions we had. The wedding film they did for us was very well edited and exceeded our expectations by capturing a lot of candid, fun moments that would have otherwise been missed. The best part was they were un-intrusive, quick and made the whole photography process seamless. I would recommend them highly and without hesitation.

Exceptional Team Captures Unforgettable Wedding Moments

Deepthi Padmanabhan
Very happy with the work done by Bhalaje & team. All the pics shows their professionalism, like how they manage to click all the important ritual moments as well as Gang Arattai's of relatives, kids innocent smile & laugh and the very immediate expression of us after looking some people so long since.
I know that all have enjoyed my family function. But from looking all these pics, I can feel, how much they enjoyed this occasion.Thanks to Bhalaje & team for making this occasion a wonderful one.

Capturing Joy: A Celebration Remembered Forever

Sripriya Sivakumar
Balaje Photography is mainly for those who are really think that memories should be etched for many years to come. In our son's Upanayanam, they delivered impeccable quality. We selected them not by referrals but by gut feel and I should honestly say that they delivered exceeding the expectations, which matches their close to 30 years of experience in this field. I am happy that we chose them.

Timeless Captures: Upanayanam's Exquisite Memories

Devanand Nagarajan

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