Frequently Asked Q&A

Madras Portraits

Call the studio 9840090959/9884190959 or send us a note on our contact page to discuss and schedule your session. The session fee is due at the time of booking and will officially reserve your date.

We have a team of photographers available to shoot your session.

The studio is a perfect location for portraits because we have complete control of the environment and lighting, which allows us to create dynamic, polished, beautiful imagery. The studio offers quite a bit of variety in terms of color and background so your photos will be unique. We have a sprawling 3000 square feet state of the art studio. We proudly offer the best backdrops and props for your session both indoor and outdoor.

We are completely mobile which means that we can shoot at any location of your choice too.

Absolutely, however there is an additional fee for travel and time that can be found on the pricing page.

Coordinate, don’t match.

It makes a much nicer portrait if family members can coordinate their clothing colors.
The clothing should not be the focal point of any family portrait, and bright colors distract from faces. 

Wear what reflects you, wear what you normally would, be relaxed and comfortable.
Please avoid bright colors and bold patterns or stripes; Blue denim, navy, white and khaki or beige, Soft earth tones such as gray green and light brown are most popular for outdoor portraits.

Your images will be more visually interesting if you choose clothing from a limited color palette.

If you are going to get a haircut or do a skin treatment do so at least three days prior to your photo shoot so you will be as natural looking as possible. The day before your session is not the time to experiment with your look and men especially can look awkward with a fresh haircut. It is also very important that men who want to appear clean-shaven arrive that way (stubble cannot be removed digitally). Get a good night’s sleep and eat well before the shoot in order to keep up your energy. Your enthusiasm (or lack thereof) will show through in the final images.

We do provide makeup services if planned well in advance. It is up to you whether or not you want to hire a makeup professional or do your own makeup for the photo shoot. When applying your makeup please avoid shimmering eye shadows and shiny foundations—it is best to keep your makeup matte. It is also best to avoid makeup with sunscreen in it as it can cause shiny patches on your face.

Dance Portrait: We do undertake make up for Dance Portraits but we will require prior planning to organize and fix the makeup artist.

We usually don’t do too much posing when it comes to children. We find it best to tell them where or how to sit or stand for a photo and then we just let them do their own thing and capture the candid moments. We find that telling children exactly what to do will result in more forced images than allowing them to get comfortable in front of the camera. We also have a lot of success when we can incorporate an activity or game in to the photo shoot to keep kids engaged.

The full session fee is due at the time of booking.
The Pricing is inclusive of the 15% service tax.

Please Note:
A charge of Rs. 750/- per hour will be applicable if the shoot extends beyond the stipulated time, due to delays by the client.

Delivery Terms:
We normally aim to have the finished photographs presented back to you with all post production work completed within 10 days. This can however be slightly extended during the heavy wedding season. However if customers have urgent deadlines then we will always try and accommodate.

1. The final edited images are handed over on a CD/DVD/PENDRIVE after we have received the full payment.
2. Additional edited images are charged at Rs. 250/- per image
3. If the client wishes to take all the pictures, the charges for that is Rs. 2000/- (Unedited JPGs – over 100 pictures)

Yes we do & we have samples at our studio.  Since its completely outsourced we will keep updating the current trend and the pricing for the same.