Birthday Montage

50th Birthday Celebration Montage | Mr. Sandeep Kapoor | Chennai

The birthday baby turned fifty, had hit his half century. The occasion culminated in a grand party at Vivanta by Taj. Men and women who turned up, quenched their thirst with fine wine and that called for blaring music to be played. Dancing on the floor ensued with passion. The dazzling lights of the ramp provided succor to the high guests. There was absolutely no dearth of fun and frolic in the get-together.

1st Birthday Celebration Highlights | Hriyan at Chennai

It was Hriyan’s first birthday and The Lion King came to life on this wonderful day. Friends of the green forest and the friends of the concrete jungle, lined to wish him “Happy Birthday”. The forest themed cake was the highlight. The laughter and the josh on the face of Hriyan were conspicuous and the all the guests shared his contagious smile. The children were upbeat through the event and were ecstatic as the celebration went on. The sense of happiness and elation on the face of Hriyan’s parents were electrifying too.